A downloadable Dungeon Crawler for Windows

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Delve into Dungeons, rescue Princesses and watch the next generation of heroes grow. A dungeoncrawler with generation mechanics and simulated genetics. Curently in Alpha.

The Demo is finaly ready. What you can play now ist the content of the demo planded for the final game. While the game is still being developed and the mecanics will evolve will be free.


Use the arrow keys to navigate the dungeon, mouse for battle

Use the escape key to open the main menu

>State of the Game

Princesses and Marriages

Navigate the dungeon

Fight enemys

Level up

Basic Classes with skills

Usable Items

Simulated Genes

Main Menu

Start Menu


Tooltips for Skills - Done

Saving/Loading - Done

Battle animations - first verson added

Sound - first version and support added

Rework the skill and target selection menu

Equipment -Done


A real Level(Bosses, treasures and traps)- halfway Done

Children and Inheritance - the basics are implemented

>Known Bugs

A charakter dying makes the charakter display a bit wonky


Battle Sprites by Thalzon(https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/thalzons-battlers-and-faces.49/)

Battle Anims:

"Slash Effect Collection" by MetaShinryu of Opengameart.org

"LOTS OF GAME EFFECTS" by Soluna Software of Opengameart.org

"ICICLE SPELL" by Clint Bellanger of Opengameart.org

"2D EXPLOSION ANIMATIONS| FRAME BY FRAME" by Sinestesia of Opengameart.org

"LIGHTNING SHOCK SPELL" by Clint Bellanger of Opengameart.org

"HEAL SPELL" by Clint Bellanger of Opengameart.org

"Free - 2D Explosion Animations #2" by Sinestesia of itch.io

"Grab Hand" by Kicked-in-teeth of itch.io

blond-girl by mightquiverwalk of itch.io/ as the princess


"Wind, Synthesized, A.wav" by InspectorJ of Freesound.org

"slime jump" by DrMinkey of Freesounds.org

"Step/Tab" by RandomationPictures of Freesounds.org

"RPG Battle Loop #1" by Sirkoto51 of Freesounds.org

"Anime Fight Music Loop #1" by Sirkoto51 of Freesounds.org

"Book_open.mp3"by envirOmaniac2 of Freesounds.org

Magic by RICHERlandTV of Freesounds.org

SFX Magic by renatalmar of Freesounds.org

Fist Punch 3.mp3 by CGEffex of Freesounds.org

fire_explosion.wav by ReadeOnly of Freesounds.org

Freezing HZA by hz37 of Freesounds.org

Punch-miss "whoosh" by DrMinky of Freesounds.org

Stab_Knife_00.wav by LittleRobotSoundFactory of Freesounds.org

Track Name: " Dragon Warrior (Loopable) "
Composed by: Marcus Dellicompagni Website: www.PoundSound.co.uk

if I missed giving credit for your sound file then I am sorry, send me a message and I will add you

> Feadback is welcome


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